The epicentre of Canadian whisky since 1858.

Since Hiram Walker purchased land on the shores of the Detroit River, Windsor, Ontario has been making world-class whisky. Considered the founding father and “benevolent dictator” of the town of Walkerville, Walker created an empire that has lasted over 150 years.

With over 50 million litres of distilled alcohol per year and 1.6 million barrels in storage within our region, there are plenty of reasons to visit. Come for the whisky, stay for the history, architecture, good fare and fine company.


Walkerville: the town that Canadian Club founder, Hiram Walker, built. Explore the tastes and sites that make Canada’s southernmost city unique and exception, including a tour inside of North America’s largest distillery.

With great whisky comes great food. Stroll through the town of Walkerville and discover one it’s great restaurants, cafes or pubs. Sip an Old Fashioned while you dine in local restaurants and experience our culinary prowess.

Great whisky isn’t made quickly or easily.  It’s the result of choices made over time, by a team of dedicated individuals who rely on each other’s expertise.  For every taste, there’s a flavour.

A craftsman’s operation, Wolfhead Distillery incorporates the 3.5 million year old limestone found in its own backyard in producing unique flavours that push the boundaries of standard Canadian Spirits.

Home of Canadian Club

Did you know Hiram Walker started making the world-famous Canadian Club whisky in Whiskytown, Canada?

North America's Biggest

J.P. Wiser’s distillery, the largest in North America, is on the shores of the Detroit River.

Growing Cocktail Scene

Great whisky makes great drinks. Immerse yourself in the growing craft cocktail scene of Whiskytown.

Whisky Built Canada

When corporate taxes were introduced to Canada in 1917, the top 5 payers were distilleries.

Home to Canada's best distillery.

Tucked away in Southwestern Ontario is a well kept secret. The birthplace of Canadian Club whisky. Discover walking tours, festivals and a colourful shared history with our northern neighbour, Detroit. Explore the rich tradition and proud history of  the town that whisky built.  Learn More »

Windsor, Ontario is home to some dam fine whisky. But man cannot live on drink alone. Where there’s whisky there’s great fun to be had and there’s no shortage of that on this border town.   Discover More »